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20 Ways to Have Fun with a Fiver

What comes to your mind when you think about having fun? It could be experiencing your roller coaster ride time and again, heading out to the pub with your friends, going out for the movies with your significant other, or simply curling up on a comfy sofa with a good book. Fun is different for everyone.

The idea is to spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones; and it doesn’t have to require a lot of money!

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can have fun without spending more than a fiver. Check them out:

  1. Get a taste of the country life at one of the urban farms that allow free entry. Spend a day with the animals and maybe handpick some fresh organic veggies for your home.
  2. Foodies head out to the Borough Market, they’ve got some deliciously wild food samples for you to try – most of them costing less than a fiver.
  3. Is the weather too pleasant to waste away? Most of these parks offer deckchairs for hire with nominal rentals not more than a fiver. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s relaxing!
  4. For the creative souls, Ziferblat is a great place to be. They charge you by the minute, but tea and coffee are absolutely free. Go grab a cup may be?
  5. Did you know you could enjoy a London Waterbus trip from the London Zoo to Little Venice in just £5?
  6. Hip Hop Karaoke is so much fun. Social charges just £5 for entry. Beer’s free, if you perform – get your Hip Hop vibes on!
  7. £5 and you can get an arm’s load of gorgeous blooms from the Columbia Road Flower Market!
  8. Head out to the pubs for a pint. A fiver is all you need to have a good time.
  9. The London Canal Museum and a bunch more of them charge just £5 for entry in exchange for hours of exploration and learning.
  10. The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has a standing ticket for £5. The one at the Royal Opera House costs just £3. Go have some fun!
  11. Enjoy a swim in the Lidos and/or other outdoor pools all over the country for free or for less than a fiver.
  12. Dance to some live tunes and soak up some sun at one of the free music festivals near you.
  13. Christmas markets have great mulled wine – and you get to enjoy it for nothing more than a fiver.
  14. Most ice rinks don’t cost a thing. All you need is a pair for skates and the mood to have some fun!
  15. Head to the Sky Garden in London, or to the rooftop of a nearby building to enjoy the night-time views of the city with some cold beer.
  16. Cheap gigs keep happening all year round and the tickets usually cost less than a fiver.
  17. Stand-up comedy shows will have you in fits of laughter, without spending more than £5.
  18. Food at London’s China Town is delicious, affordable, and filling. £5 is good money.
  19. Tuesday night movies at the Coronet Cinema – cheap entertainment and plenty of fun!
  20. Don’t forget to check out the happy hours at local pubs – there’s so much you can do with just £5!

So, what is your idea of fun? We bet you can have plenty of that with just a fiver!


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