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3 Days To Pay Day – Survival Guide

We all know that feeling, our bank accounts are looking red rather than black yet the cupboards are bare, the wallet empty and credit cards maxed out. With no money to spend out on essentials never mind luxuries and payday still three whole days away, what on earth are you going to do? Survive – that’s what!

And the good news is we are here to help. No matter how bleak things are looking, we have a few simple hints and tips that will get you through till payday. All it takes is some careful thought and a bit of magic. Check out our top survival tips here…

Don’t be tempted to rack up credit

One of the biggest temptations when you are running short on funds is to withdraw money on your credit cards or taking out a pay day loan. Both of these are not the best approaches to take and could mean that once pay day actually comes around you have a lot less money then you expected. Try to survive on the money that you do have, after all it is only 72 hours until that bank balance looks a whole lot healthier.
Strip right back

Even when our bank balances are low, it can seem all too tempting to treat ourselves to something to make us feel better. Try to remind yourself that it is only for a few days, and even though it may seem like the hardest thing ever, you can go without those treats and luxuries until pay day comes around. Not only this, but when you can afford them, it is going to feel all the better to have them. As for entertainment, stay in watch TV – lots of TV – don’t be tempted to go down the pub with your mates – invite them over for film night instead!

See if friends or family can help

By this we don’t necessarily mean by borrowing money from them. But you could be surprised by just happy your nearest and dearest could be to have you over for dinner when your money is tight. This is particularly true for parents who love to see their kids, even if it is just because they need feeding.

Really ransack the cupboards

It can seem that your kitchen is completely empty, but chances are that you are not looking closely enough at what you have. Sometimes, just by taking the time to work out what ingredients you have and what they can make, you may surprise yourself by what you can create. You never know, it could become some special end of the month dinner or lunch that you turn to each and every month.

Is there anything you can sell or do to raise cash?

If you are really stuck for money, then you might want to think about a way that you can make some extra cash. Are you a dab hand at gardening? See if anyone needs a hand mowing their lawn, perhaps you love dogs, you could walk your neighbours for a couple of quid. It isn’t a great idea to try and sell stuff you actually need and use, just to raise cash, but if you can some clothes that you don’t wear or DVDs that you have already watched, it might be worthwhile seeing if anyone else wants to buy them from you.

These are just some of the ways that you can try and survive until pay day. The important thing to remember is that it won’t be long and you will have money again, although, that said, it won’t be long until it runs out!


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