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Cash Fasting To Detox Your Finances

When you feel that your health needs a bit of a pick me up, you are likely to try out a detox or perhaps even something more drastic such as a fasting diet. A fasting diet is when you have one or two days a week whereby you eat a much-reduced amount of calories then you normally would. The main reason that people do this is to lose weight, however, it is also something worked in for those who are trying to be healthier overall. But maybe you should look at money in the same way you do your health?

Many people do not realise that they can also look at their finances in a similar way. Health detoxes are one thing, however, choosing a cash detox works much the same. Rather than limiting your calorie intake once or twice a week, instead you limit your spending.
But how can you do this? How can you have a cash fasting day, without it having too much of an impact on your everyday life?

Walk or cycle to work

The daily commute is something that very few of us will look forward to, however, it is a necessity. Commuting, depending on the way that you do it, can cost a considerable amount. Trains or buses in particular can have quite a high charge to them, and even if you decide to drive to work, this can still end up being costly when it comes to petrol.

Walking or cycling to work, whichever one is better for you, is not only going to save you some money, but in the long run, it is also going to help with your health and fitness too. A win-win situation no matter which way that you think about it.

Take a packed lunch in to work

Eating at work is something that many of us just have to get used to, however, it can be much more expensive than you realise. Of course, you can’t go hungry at work, but what you can do is try to cut down on how much you spend out on lunch. Pick one or two days every week that you take in your very own packed lunch. Not only will this mean that you save money, which you can put away towards for something else. But you will also be able to make yourself some different lunches too, which will be a great idea if you want to eat healthier or simply try something a little bit different.

Stuck for ideas of what packed lunches to make? Why not check out this amazing source for inspiration?

Stay in rather than going out

You may be surprised to learn at just what you will end up spending when you are out. This could be out for the day, out for dinner with friends or perhaps out for dinner. The best way to try and combat spending out is to stay in, rather than going out. Put on your pyjamas, cook yourself your favourite dinner and put on that movie that you have been meaning to watch, you will soon realise that staying in is the new going out. Not only will you be able to learn to have fun at home, but you will also learn how easy it can be to save money.

Why not make a night in something of an event with you and your friends? You can make your own food and even play some games. All things that can help you to have great fun, despite being in rather than out.

Try not to splurge

If you are looking at drawbacks of a fasting approach to dieting, it can be all too tempting to allow yourself somewhat of a splurge after you have been and tucking into some hugely unhealthy foods. The same can happen with a money fast, whereby you are tempted into spending out on your “off” days simply because you were so good and saved money on the other day. This isn’t the best approach to take and instead you should remind yourself why you are doing it and work even harder to save that money and put it away. Particularly if you have a certain goal in mind for the future.

When you are short on funds you are going to be looking at different ways to raise funds. Some people may want to look at short term loans or payday loans, however, both of these are not always the most appropriate method to take.

Instead of a payday loan or a short-term loan, you may find that simply by reducing your spending, even for just one day a week, you will start to be able to build up a nest egg in your savings account, ready for you to use when you need it and all without having to give up too much of your life.


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