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Dirt Cheap Amazing Holiday Ideas

We all love nothing more than the opportunity to head off on holiday. It doesn’t always have to mean relaxing on a golden beach, although, of course, that is always pretty epic. For many of us, what we really need is a break – the chance to get away from our everyday lives and feel that we have managed to escape for a while and ‘chillax’.

The trouble with holidays is that they can cost quite a lot of money. Particularly if you are looking for an exotic, sun-soaked break. Not ideal if you are living on a budget. So, how can you have a cheap holiday that won’t cost the Earth? We have put together some dirt cheap amazing holiday ideas, to help you on your way to holiday heaven.

Stay in the UK

It might not sound as exciting as hopping on a plane and heading somewhere warm and exotic, but staying in the UK is a great way to cut the costs down on your holiday. There are a whole host of amazing places to explore here at home, including dramatic coastlines and beautiful beaches – think Wales, think Scotland’s isles and highlands, think amazing greenscapes. Choose to camp or B&B rather than hotel it and the cost comes down even further. It might seem like we live on a smile island but it’s actually packed with cool holiday venues just dare to explore!

Ditch the kids!

Have you noticed that if you want to go on holiday with your kids or when the kids are on school holidays it’s about twice the price? Yep it’s the age old supply and demand rip off so to beat the mark up ensure you travel outside of the school, holidays and if you have kids leave them with the grandparents!

Choose a hostel

If you are not too worried about your accommodation for your break, then you might want to think about some slightly cheaper options. There are plenty of hostels out there that are much lower in cost than a hotel, but are clean, tidy and comfortable. Ideal if you just see your accommodation as a base for your break. Alternatively there’s the camping option – certainly all around Europe there are thousands of great campsites with great amenities at really reasonable prices. And for around £100 2 of you can get kitted out with tent, sleeping bags, lights and all you need.

Only take with you what you can afford

Sometimes when you are on holiday, will all the excitement you can be tempted to blow your budget and spend big as soon as you arrive. Big mistake. There have been plenty of people who have thrown caution to the wind, spent all their money and then been left with nothing for the rest of the holiday. After all it’s only after you have been at your destination for a day or two that you get your bearings and find the best and cheapest places to eat, drink, buy and party. A good tip is to make sure that you only take what you can afford and carefully plan how much you can spend for each day. It is also a good idea to only take out with you what you can afford to spend on that day, as this will limit the chance that you will overspend.

Shop around

Sounds like an obvious one, we know, but taking the time to shop around before you book your holiday can really have an impact on how much you spend. This is particularly true when it comes to hotel rooms and flights, where you can find a large variation on how much you expect to pay. Good news is that now there are plenty of comparison sites around to check rates. You can also check out accommodation options at airbnb for an alternative take on the hotel.

Take an antisocial hours flight

If you can bear to, then you may find that flying in the middle of the night costs you less than taking a morning or afternoon flight. This is because these are seen to be relatively antisocial times to fly, and not everyone can handle the idea of getting up in the middle of the night or coming home in in the early hours of the morning. It’s just the flight and the more you save o getting there the more you have to spend when you are there.

Book last minute

For those people that are not too bothered about where they go, then you might benefit from looking for a last minute deal. There are some pretty awesome deals out there that you can book at the last minute, they save you a few pounds and may even mean that you get to go on a rather exciting holiday that you wouldn’t initially choose. But planning is key – make sure your insurance and passport are all up to date so you are ready literally to claim that bargain and jump on a plane. Look into travelling hand luggage only as on some flights this will also save you a decent amount and let’s be honest how often do we end up wearing everything that we pack? Swimsuit, flipflops, t-shirt and shorts will do you!

Go out of season

A break is a break right? So even if the weather’s not 90 degrees every day you’re still away from hoe and work. Booking resorts slightly out of season means you can pick up some brilliant bargains on flights and accommodation. What’s more you miss the hoards of other tourists and are more likely to get way more friendly attention from the locals. OK so you may have to put up with the odd duff weather day – but hey, just go to the bar and spend some of that cash you’ve saved!

So, there you have it, eight ways that you can save some money on your next holiday. Meaning that you can relax and unwind, without worrying about the cost.


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