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Ditch The Car And Save A Fortune

The invention of the car was great for the world. It meant that getting around was much easier and that you could travel between places with ease. Whilst there are plenty of positives to the introduction of cars, there have also been plenty of negatives too.

Cars have made us all a bit lazy, not that we would ever admit it and, they have also had a huge impact on the environment too. Which means that if you can ditch the car then it might be worthwhile trying out. Not only can you reduce the impact that you have on the environment, but it can also make you feel healthier and fitter too.

As well as this, giving up on the car can also save you money. In fact, to help inspire you to make the change, we have put together just why ditching your car can really help you to save some money and help your bank balance to feel a little bit healthier.

No congestion charges just for getting around each and every day

If you work and live in London, then chances are that you will know only too well the issue of congestion charges. This charge is £11.50 for each and every weekday that your vehicle is within the charging zone between 7am and 6pm. Whilst this may not be bad if it is a one-off that you don’t very often need to pay, but if you are paying this each and every day that you are in the area, then you may end up having to pay out more than £50 per week, just for travelling in the area.

No speeding fines to worry about

We all try to keep within the speed limits when we are driving around, however, there are times when you might end up just creeping over the speed limit and finding yourself lumped with a fine. Speeding fines not only are going to make you feel pretty rubbish, but they are also going to cost you money too. Not exactly ideal when your car is already costing you a small fortune to run.

No worries about depreciation in value over time

Cars are an investment, however, you may be surprised by just how much they can depreciate in value. It isn’t exactly a great feeling to think that a car that you have bought for a certain amount, is worth a whole lot less when it comes to selling it. Not exactly an ideal situation to find yourself in. Another surprising thing is that compared to cars, bikes, which are another great mode of transport to get around, do not depreciate nearly as much as a car, which means that if you want to save yourself some money and then maybe benefit from your investment, a bike may be the way to go over a car.

No running costs to think about every month

it is no secret that cars are expensive to run. There is not only insurance, tax and MOT to pay for, which may only be once a year, but can really cost. But there are also more regular costs that you need to think about too. This includes maintenance checks, car washing and of course one of the most expensive things out there, petrol. Petrol can be incredibly expensive to pay out for, and, if you want to get around in your car, then it is something that you are going to have to pay out for on a regular basis.

Of course, there are a whole host of financial benefits to getting rid of your car and opting to get around another way. You may need to invest in a bike or alternative mode of transport, or you may have to pay out for train or bus tickets, but we can promise you that these costs are much less than what you would be paying for your car.

Not only this, but there is a real feel good factor to making this choice too. You are going to know that you are doing something right for the environment and you are going to be doing something right for yourself and your health too. Both of which are going to make you feel pretty great if we are honest.

As you can see, it might be harder to get around when you have no car, however, the benefits are definitely going to outweigh this inconvenience. Rather than jumping straight into a world of no car, why not cut down on the amount that you use it for a month or two. We can promise you, in no time at all you will feel the benefit and you will be ready to cut it out for good.

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