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Eat In And Save Money

Food is something that none of us can live without. Whether you are a veggie, a vegan or someone who eats a bit of everything, there is nothing better than tucking into a lovely meal at the end of a busy day. The ultimate treat when it comes to food is to be able to either eat out or order a takeaway, however, these can be incredibly costly, which isn’t ideal if you are trying to stick to a budget and want to save money.

Not only this, but if you eat out on a regular basis, then you are also going to find eating in becomes much less appealing. Not exactly a great thing for your bank balance.

So, with this in mind, we have decided that not only do you need to know just how to maximise the money that you can save by eating in, but that you can also learn how to make it a little more interesting too. All to inspire you to grab your apron and whip something special up in the kitchen.

Think about how you can reuse a larger ingredient

Do you love roast chicken? Find it hard to think about how best to use all that lovely meat? So, just end up wasting it, or eating it all in one meal? Some larger ingredients, such as joints of meat are not only great for one dinner, but can often stretch to a lunch or another dinner. Ideal if you are trying to save money. All you need to do is think about how you can reuse them. Roast chicken tastes great in a salad or perhaps as an addition to some pasta for another dinner. If you are feeling even more thrifty, once you have taken all the meat off the bones, they can then go into a pot to boil up and make a stock.

Try a veggie meal every week

It is no secret that meat can be an expensive addition to a meal, depending on your meat of choice. If you want to make sure that you eat in for less, then it is a really good idea to introduce one day a week (or more if you like the idea) where you eat a veggie or maybe even a vegan meal. Not only will this cut down on the amount of meat that you buy, but thanks to the amazing array of vegetarian meals out there, you can also find yourself trying things that you never thought you would, bringing a touch of excitement to your life.

Use your slow cooker and save money

If you have a slow cooker then you are already onto a winner when it comes to saving money on the food that you cook and eat. There are so many great things about slow cookers, so much so, that we think that every home should have one. Slow cookers encourage you to cook from scratch, which we all know is a great way to save money, they also allow you to cook larger portions at once, which you can then keep by for dinner the following day. Another great thing about slow cookers is that the way that they cook, particularly meat, means that you can buy a cheaper cut of meat, yet still have a delicious and tender dish at the end of it.

Research what you can freeze

The thing about food is that it goes off and when it starts to spoil you are going to want to throw it away. What you may not realise is that the amount of food that can be frozen is really surprising. Best of all, if you do decide to freeze something, then you can portion it up and make sure that it is ready to add to your chosen recipe, cutting down on prep time and your desire to reach for the takeaway menu.

Make every meal in feel special

Whilst we have covered lots about how to save money when eating in, this doesn’t really help when it comes to making things exciting. The thing is, eating in is never going to feel as amazing as eating out, but we promise you that it can come pretty close. Why not make the most of your evening and decorate your table? There are so many great crafting ideas out there that we are sure that you will find the ideal addition to your table. You could even write a menu, which means that you are going to feel even more like you are eating out. Best of all, you never have to leave a tip when you dine in your own restaurant.

As you can see, eating in doesn’t have to mean missing out. There are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that you get to enjoy some delicious food, without thinking that you are stuck with some boring old meals. All it takes is some careful thought and a whole host of delicious ingredients.

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