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Explaining The Loan Market Anomaly

The normal rules of supply and demand don’t apply when it comes to the online loan market. Believe it or not, no matter how badly some loan companies treat their customers and however terrible their loan terms are, their customers keep returning to them time and time gain. Crazy, huh?

We think so, which is why we suggest you take a good look around before you take out your next loan – not least because we think you could save yourselves some serious money.

So why do people keep returning to the same old loan companies even if the rate is so bad? Well, there’s three main reasons. Firstly, as they have already been accepted for a loan by these companies they believe there’s a good chance they will be accepted again – there’s less risk of rejection. Secondly, its quick and easy as no shopping around or research is required. Thirdly they are worried that each new application they make to a new loan company will entail a credit check, which in itself can affect their credit rating. The net result is they feel ‘locked-in’ with no real alternative option.

That is until Fernovo came along. Now we offer the users of these loan companies a real alternative that addresses all their concerns whilst saving them money via an attractive fixed interest rate that beats the CAP rate by 40%!

At Fernovo we can give you a really swift response to any online loan enquiry. Our smart, NOVOQuote technology gives you an initial loan decision in under 60 seconds without a formal credit check, so there’s no risk to your credit rating. If we do turn down your loan request for any reason we will tell you exactly why as well as explain how you can take steps to repair your credit rating and qualify for future loan requests.

On a typical £300, 3 month loan* you could save £65 on interest costs when compared to our leading competitor – that’s serious dosh!

So, next time you need a loan fast don’t fall into the trap of just going back to your same old loan company – check out the rates here at Fernovo first and contemplate a smart switch to the best online loan setup around.

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