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FAQ’s – Application Form questions

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Q. I want to apply for a loan.

A. No problem. Please complete and submit the application form on our website www.fernovo.com.

Q. I have entered the wrong Mobile Phone Number on the Application – can I change it?

A. Yes, call our customer care at 020 3476 5171 or send us an email at customercare@fernovo.com.

Q. I am having problems with my mobile phone. Can you send me the SMS code by e-mail?

A. For verification reasons, we can only send the SMS e-sign code to the mobile telephone number that you provided in your application.

Q. I am having trouble filling out the application. Can you assist me?

A. If you have a specific question about one of the sections, we will be happy to help explain to you how this needs to be completed. Please speak to us if you are stuck on any part of the application before you decide to close it. This may make it easier for us to help you to move onto the next stage. You can call us at 020 3476 5171.

Q. I don’t understand the Adequate Explanations, SECCI, Contract or terms and conditions but I want to take out the loan anyway?

A. It is important that you understand the documentation that you must agree. We can help by trying to better clarify or explain terms to you if needed. But you need to be confident that you fully understand the documents being signed. If you are not, you should not sign.

Q. Where can I find my Email code/SMS code?

A. Once you complete your application form, we send you an email with an Email code and a text message to your mobile with an SMS code.

Enter those codes below the agreements on your device to electronically sign them (esign).

If you haven’t received them, press the link on the upper right corner of the SMS code box or Email code box, and we will automatically re-send them.

If you still have difficulties completing this stage, don’t hesitate to contact us on LiveChat or call us at 020 3476 5171.