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Fernovo – The Fast Mover

Fast movers aren’t always welcome but when it comes to short term loan companies you want them to move as fast as you do.

And Fernovo.com is the fastest there is.

A couple of clicks is all takes and less than 60 seconds later you’ll have a pre-application response without without it being shown on your credit file.

What’s more it’s not just Fernovo’s speed that impresses it’s also got the best rates too – a whopping 40% below the cap rate. This means that on a £300, 3 month loan you will pay back £65 less when compared to our main competitors.

So if you need to borrow up to £1,000 fast for whatever reason – say, an unforeseen additional expense such as a broken laptop or a car repair or it could be you just need a little extra to tide you over until payday. Ditch the slow coaches and switch to Fernovo.com

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