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The Future Of Short Term Loans

Notice how your old loan company has had to reinvent itself after the government brought in new legislation for the short term loan market in 2015? The chances are that whilst it’s playing to the new rules it’s still working to the same old corporate culture. So if you’re looking for a refreshing new alternative, look no further that Fernovo.

A New Approach

At Fernovo we believe it’s time there was a new approach to the short term loan market which is why we have a created a new, smarter, fairer and faster proposition – a really competitive alternative to the familiar old faces. One that’s delivered in a friendly and helpful way. Fernovo is entirely new and has been set up from day one to comply with the strict rules that the government has brought in regarding short term loans. We’re not guilty of the iffy practices and outrageous interest rates that caused the government to get involved in the first place and sincerely believe in delivering the best rates and best deals available in the short term loan market. In fact, we actively encourage you to check our our rates compared to our competitors.

We have developed a simple, completely unique, user-friendly application process based on our NOVOQuote decision engine. It’s smart technology at its best and it’s not only smart it’s also fast, really fast – in fact, you’ll get a pre-approval response to your online loan application within 60 seconds! What’s more this is all done without the need for a credit check, so no blot on your credit record if you check if you’re eligible for a loan from us. Plus if you are ineligible for a Fernovo loan, we will tell you exactly why as well as providing helpful, friendly advice on how to quality for future loans and improve your credit rating.

Discount Rates

So what about rates? Well, Fernovo offers rates that are 40% below the cap rate for the short term loan market. We are able to offer such a good deal because our superior technology and unique business model mean we can pass on the financial benefits of our efficiencies to our customers via reducing interest rates substantially.


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