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Life Hacks To Save You £200 Each Month

Saving money is something that we all wish we could do more. However, life just gets in the way. Bills, food, socialising even just getting around all costs money, and it can seem that saving money in your everyday activities is impossible. However, we say there are ways that you can save cash. In fact, there are a variety of life hacks out there that are designed to help you to save as much as £200 every month, whilst having a minimal impact on your everyday life.

Think about how you watch TV

There are plenty of us that are guilty of simply agreeing to a package on our TV provider and living with it. What you may not realise is that you can call your provider and try to haggle with them to get the best price for your package. Ideal if you think there are some ways that you can cut back on costs.

Change your commute

You may be surprised to learn how much it costs to simply get to work each and every day. Why not see if there are ways that you can cut down your commuting costs? You could try carpooling with friends, or maybe even buy yourself a bike. Both ways that you can reduce costs.

Check your insurances

Much like our TV packages, there is some money to be saved with your insurances that are paid out every month. You might save some money if you switch, or even if you hint to them that you are thinking about switching, particularly if they are keen to keep you on.

Have a veggie garden

Do you love cooking and creating amazing dishes? If you do, then it might make sense for you to try growing your own veggies. Not only will this save you money on your shopping but it also means that you have some delicious fresh ingredients too.

Try some no spend days

Sounds like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how easy it is to spend even just a couple of pounds everyday. If you think that your spending is a little on the crazy side, then you might want to try a no spend day once a week. It is actually harder than you think, but definitely worthwhile trying.

Shop on Groupon or other deal sites

Whilst some of the stuff on these deal sites may not be what you need, there are also plenty of other things that are right up your street. Money of restaurants or days out are often seen on these sites, and they can go a long way to saving you some cash.

Find free things to do

Entertaining yourself and your family can be an expensive task, which means that it makes sense to try and find ways that you can have fun without worrying about how much it will cost. Things such as geocaching are great to do with the family, and whilst it may cost a little to have the app, the amount of caches out there to find, it really is worth it.

Buy second hand

From time to time, we all need to buy things, but buying things costs money. You can try to save yourself some money by opting for second hand items rather than new things. You may be surprised by how much you can save by simply opting for good quality second hand items. It is no secret that we all want to find ways to save money each month, but what we might not realise is just how easy it is to do this. Whether it is buying second hand or telling yourself no spending, then you can save yourself money each and every month.


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