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Making The Most Of The Sharing Economy

In the simplest of terms, a sharing economy comprises of businesses that operate on the resource sharing models. These businesses allow customers access to the desired goods and services as and when they need them.

Do names like Airbnb and Lyft ring a bell?

So, when it comes to making the most of this unique economy, what can you do? We’ve got a bunch of ideas for you.

Skip Hotels, Book Airbnb

Airbnb is undeniably the crowned champion of the sharing economy. The company has revolutionised the concept of travel accommodation and lodging across the world. The service allows people to rent their homes or a room in it to travellers looking for a decent accommodation. Their prime selling point is the offered price point range that makes the service affordable and convenient for almost everyone!

Find a TaskRabbit to Complete Your Chores

Acing the peer-to-peer sharing economy industry, the TaskRabbit has become increasingly popular. The service brings together people who have chores that need to be tackled and those who are willing to undertake these chores for a fee. You simply enter the details of the task you need to get done, choose the date and preferred timeslot, and select a person out of the people willing to do the task for you – that’s all. Your task gets completed in time and someone gets to earn some money in exchange. Come to think of it, even you could do groceries or walk dogs for someone when you’re out doing the same for yourself.

Don’t Drive, Share a Ride

Services like Zipcar and Uber have made it extremely convenient for people to get around. Not just that, they are even contributing to reducing the traffic congestion in the main metropolitan areas of the country. Instead of driving long distances, getting stuck in traffic, waiting for the taxi, or taking the bus or subway, you can just hitch a ride with someone and pay them for it. We wouldn’t say it’s cheaper, but it does save you from pointless fatigue and stressful driving. Plus, it also saves you time in case the only other options you had were walking, cycling, or taking a bus to your destination.

Feed Yourself with GrubClub

Take a break from your fast paced lifestyle and experience something you can cherish for a much longer time. GrubClub brings you a unique meal experience that you’ve probably not had before. The business operates on a simple model, where a “chef” submits the request of hosting a GrubClub. The GrubClub team vets the food before allowing the application through. Tickets for the event are sold – which you can buy in order to enjoy an exclusive experience that is more about the place and the people than it is about the food!

There are no two thoughts over the fact that the sharing economy is becoming the talk of the future. Experts believe the sharing economy has come to define the significant paradigm shift in global business circles from sole ownership of resources to the collective use of the same.

For the common people like you and me, this shift is definitely worth celebrating. Apart from making everyday life activities quick and convenient, the sharing economy has introduced sustainability and cost efficiency to complete the picture.

So, which sharing economy services are you fond of? Let us know about them!


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