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Own Brand – Better Than You Thought!

What if you could have your own brand of toiletries or household cleaning products?

Don’t be so surprised. You obviously haven’t given much thought to the idea and even if you have, you just couldn’t figure out where to start. But, that’s going to change now.

Having your own brand of products – it could be anything – from soaps and moisturizers to car de-icers and oven cleaners can actually bring a great deal of difference to your life. Imagine going to the departmental store at the beginning of each month and not having to spend on things like:

And more, because you can simply make all of this at home! You might be wondering why go through all that trouble when you can buy them off the shelf, right?

Here’s why having your own brand of these household items is better than you ever thought:

You Save Money

Ok, maybe they don’t cost that much individually. However, when you consider these items collectively, they do make a good chunk of your monthly supplies’ and grocery bills. When you make items of regular use at home, there are visibly two benefits that you can enjoy: • You can purchase the materials in bulk (this will last you a couple of months at least) and probably secure a good discount on them. • You are, like we said, cutting down on your monthly expenses. Either way, you are saving money. The same money can add up to your savings and possibly grow your wealth too, if you’ve invested it somewhere.

They Are Simple to Make

Most of these things are quite simple to make. They don’t require too many ingredients – 3 to 5 in most cases – and follow straightforward procedures to make effective household solutions. To make a lye-free soap for example, you just need a soap-base such as glycerine, an essential oil, a liquid (usually water) and herbs, which are optional. All that is quite easy to get hold of, isn’t it? Did you know, you can even make root beer at home? No? Check it out here.

They Are Environmentally Safe

This is probably the best thing about homemade household supplies. You get to decide what goes into them and what doesn’t. This means you can always make choices that are environmentally safer and good for you too. These products are practically free of harmful chemicals and must easier on your surroundings. The fact that it’s up to you decide what ingredients to add in your products also mean that you can avoid any possible damage to your skin and body.

You Can Sell Them, Too

Since everything we talk about has to come back to the “money” one way or another, this is a smart way to make some money. Once you make your household products and approve of its effectiveness, you can then sell it. Promote it online and among your social circle. You can even distribute free samples in the neighbourhood. Take orders and work on improving the product – there’s always a greater advantage of making your own stuff.

What possible benefits of having your own brand can you think of? Let us know!


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