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Own Your Money – Boss Your Spending!

Living on a tight budget is not easy. Like every other post there is on the topic, we can go on a rant over how most people fail to manage their finances and end up piling tons of credit card debts – but that’s not going to serve our real purpose.

We want to help you get out of that making money-spending money-saving nothing spiral. For that, you need to own your money and boss your spending. Not sure how you could do that? We’ve got it covered for you right here in this post.

Boss Your Spending

First things first, let’s learn how to boss your spending. You need to know where you can cut down on unnecessary expenditure and save on the necessary ones. Here are a bunch of tips:

  1. Walk or cycle for shorter distances. You will save on fuel as well as an expensive gym membership.
  2. Initiate a car pool with colleagues at work. This will save you all a lot of money.
  3. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach and don’t take your kids along. That overpriced junk does look tempting but it’s eating on your budget too!
  4. Save energy. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them. Sleep half an hour before you normally do. Turn everything off if you’re going out on holidays.
  5. Have a backyard? Use it for growing your own fresh and organic veggies.
  6. Ditch the pricey cleaning products for white vinegar. Trust us, it’s cheap and effective!
  7. Pay your bills on time to avoid late payment penalties.
  8. Instead of hanging out, arrange for BYOB nights in with friends!
  9. Make your own pizzas. They’re healthier and of course cheaper.
  10. Practice no-spend days at least twice a week, where you don’t spend on anything other than the budgeted expenses.

Own Your Money

When we say own your money, we mean you take steps to grow your wealth. Here’s what you need to do:

Last but not the least; if you still haven’t downloaded one of those fancy money management apps – what are you even doing with your life?

You don’t really have to be a tech savvy person to get a hang of them. Apps like Moneyfarm and Moneybox are easy to use and can actually help you keep track of your expenses and manage your wealth.

In other words, you get to own your money and boss your spending!


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