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Plan Your Low Cost Staycation

If there is one thing that many parents will realise when it comes to trying to book a low cost family holiday, it is that going abroad with children is expensive. The prices really hike up when it comes to the Summer holidays which means that a far flung break in the sunshine might just be out of reach for those who are trying to travel with children.

Whilst a holiday abroad might be out of the question, that doesn’t mean that parents have to give up on the idea of a break all together. They might just need to think about things a little closer to home.

Known as the staycation, plenty of people are giving up on the idea of getting on a plane and instead are thinking about staying in the UK instead. Not only does this mean that they are going to save money, but if done right a staycation can be just as good as a holiday abroad, and a whole lot less stressful too.

To help you to plan your staycation and make the most of it (fun and budget wise) we have put together the top tips that you can try out for yourself.

Explore your local area

It is no secret that we all take the area that we live in for granted. When you have lived somewhere for a while you can forget just what it has to offer. If you are planning a staycation then you have the perfect excuse to remind yourself what is so amazing about where you live. Check out local event pages and search databases such as Days Out With The Kids and find things that you can do all not far from home.

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Feeling that you need a bit of pampering? Not able to head out to a spa? Why not bring the spa to you? There are a wealth of amazing products out there as well as at home creations that you can use on your skin, hair and face that you can easily set yourself up for an at home spa. This is great if you have older kids and gives you the chance to not only relax but also to spend some time together.

Pack a picnic and head to a park

There is nothing quite like packing up a picnic and spending a day in the sunshine. If you are stuck for things to do and you are all going a little stir crazy at home, then why not pop out for a picnic? Not only can you get the kids involved helping you to prepare the food, but being out the sunshine is going to make you all feel better.

Camp in your back garden

Do you have a tent and some sleeping bags? Can you borrow one from someone you know? If you can then you could always plan in a camping trip, but in your own back garden. Not only is this great fun for all the family but it allows you to feel that you are going away, without having to travel anywhere. You could even make it extra special by downloading a movie to watch together, you can make some smores and pop some popcorn in a bowl. All of which will make you feel that you are on holiday, but without worrying about the costs.

Plan in a family meal

One thing that most parents look forward to when they are on a sunshine holiday, is the idea that they don’t have to cook or wash up for an entire week (or two if you are lucky). Which means that if you are staying at home, you are likely to feel a little disappointed that you still have to do all those tasks on a daily basis. To really give you that holiday feeling you could always book in to go out for a family meal. Of course, this can be expensive, but if you plan just one or maybe even two in for the entire summer then you will have something to look forward to.

Head out on a beach trip

It is no secret that the UK is packed full of beautiful beaches and no matter where you are in the UK, you will find yourself not too far away from some sand and sea. Why not make sure that you plan in a family trip to the seaside during your staycation? If you are a little further afield you could find somewhere to stay for the night (a lot cheaper than booking for a week). But the idea is that you still get a bit of beach time and fun in the sun, without having to spend out a fortune.

It might not be quite as exciting as heading abroad, but having a staycation can still be exciting and fun packed. It just takes some careful planning and thought and with this, you can make sure that you have a Summer to remember and a much happier bank balance too.

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