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The Fashion Addict's Guide To Savvy Spending

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Making The Most Of The Sharing Economy

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3 Days To Pay Day - Survival Guide

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Learn more about loans

Watertight Your Winter Finances

Make sure you don't catch a cold from your winter finances

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Black Friday Survival Guide

How to Best Black Friday

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Christmas Countdown

Don't let Christmas bust your finances

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Don't Give Your Finances A Halloween Scare

The cost of Halloween needn't freak you out...

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Get Yourself a Side Gig

Making a bit of extra cash helps

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Low Cost/No Cost Hobbies

Do fun stuff for free

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The Thrifty Veggie or Vegan

Save cash - love the veg...

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Is a short-term loan right for you?

Make sure you explore all your loan options...

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Expanding Your 2019 Holiday Horizons And Not Your Wallet!

Desperate to source some sunshine and escape from the everyday in 2018?

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Spring Clean Your Finances

Sun's up so time to sort your finances out...

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Plan Your Low Cost Staycation

Holiday at home and save a fortune...

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Operation Cook

Home cooking tastes great and saves you money too...

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DIY Decor

Low cost DIY to upgrade your home

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Finance Workout 2019

Now's the time to sort out your money...

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Eat In And Save Money

Eat well at home and save cash

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Fashion Recycling: Help Your Planet and Your Purse

Feel good, look good by recycling your fashion...

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The Next to No Cost Valentine’s

No need to bust the bank for romance...

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Ditch The Car And Save A Fortune

Is your car putting you under financial pressure?

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Introducing The Fernovo VIP Priority Service

Check out the great benefits of our VIP Membership

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Save £200 Per Month - No Sweat

Easy wins to save £200 every month

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Staying In Is The New Going Out

You don't always need to go out to have fun...

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The Crafty Christmas

Make Christmas more personal and save cash

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Win On Black Friday

Strategies for a successful Black Friday

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Short Term Loan Survival Guide

Loans can be tricky - here's how to survive them

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What Your Short Term Loan Company Doesn't Want You To Know

Checkout our checklist of loan industry secrets

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Get Your Finances Fighting Fit For Christmas

Yes, there are ways that you can have fighting fit finances this Christmas

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Budget For Romance

Try out some of our great budget dating ideas

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Save On Your Travel Costs

Travel is expensive but are things that you can do to try to reduce the amount it costs.

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Bargaining For Utilities Pays

There are clever ways that you can try and save yourself some money when it comes to paying out your utilities...

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The Art of Second Hand - Cool Stuff Recycled

Second Hand Gear Rocks if you Know How

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Go Green and Save Cash

What could be better than saving cash and the planet?

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Budget Fashionista - Glam Without the Overdraft

Fashion can be costly but follow our smart guide to budget sanity

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Cash Fasting To Detox Your Finances

Try a cash fast to detox your finances

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Short Term Loans – An A-Z Of The Market

Everything you need to know about short term and payday loans

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Home Of The Flexible Loan

You need your loan company to be flexible...

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The Importance Of Transparency

Fernovo - Where there's no nasty surprises...

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Fernovo - The Fast Mover

When it comes to short term loan companies you want them to move as fast as you do.

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Instalment Loans And Financial Stability

There are many viable options available to you to help finance your way out of trouble

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Are Short-Term Loans Right for You?

You may be considering short-term loans. If so here are pros and cons...

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Are You Being Duped?

What Do 'Cheap Personal Loans' Really Mean?

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Save £65 On A £300 Loan!

£65 is what you would save if you borrowed £300 for three months from Fernovo.com compared to our biggest competitors.

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Sometimes you Need to Get your Hands on Cash Fast

If you need a little extra to tide you over until payday...

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Enjoying The Great Outdoors On A Budget

When it comes to the great outdoors, there are ways that you can have a whole lot of fun, without spending out a small fortune.

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The Perfect Budget Valentine's

Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a headache if you are trying to live to a budget...

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Spring Clean Your Finances

With the weather still looking a little grey outside, see how you can make your finances work better.

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technology and the short term loans market

How Technology Has Disrupted the Short-Term Loans Market for the Better

Rapid technological advances have re-shaped the loan market.

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what to know about short term loan providers

Hunting for Short-Term Loan Providers? Read This First!

Read this before you go looking for a short term loan.

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how short term loan market works

Understanding the Short Term Loan Market in the UK

Payday loans and lenders behind the scenes...

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pcws for payday loans online

Finding the Best PCWs for Payday Loans Online

When shopping around for loans online, always use price comparison websites.

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Sports Club Cash Giveaway

Win £1,000 For You And Your Club To Share With The Fernovo Sports Club Cash Giveaway

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fca protection from short term lenders

The FCA And Protection From Short Term Lenders

The FCA is tasked with securing transactions between customers and all financial enterprises.

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how to become a payday loans expert

How To Become A Loans Expert

Knowledge is power - especially in the short term loan market

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short term loan benefits

The Benefits Of Short Term Loans

Unlike traditional loans which have a long repayment term, short term loans have fewer instalments and place less of a burden on your finances.

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impacr of 100 pound loan on credit

How Will A £100 Loan Impact My Credit?

If you have a poor credit score, don’t write off instalment loans just yet.

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Being Smart When Borrowing Money

These tips will help you to avoid making costly mistakes when borrowing money.

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a closer look at the best loans

How Do You Choose the Right Payday Lender?

Every lender is different and every lender offers different terms and conditions, so it is important to shop around to get the best deal.

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change your opinion about same day loans

The Changing Face of the UK Loans Market

How the process of borrowing money has changed.

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quick cash for emergencies

Comparing £50 Loans

The leading providers of short-term loans in the UK vary in terms of loan options, interest rates, fees and charges.

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money growth for business with short term loans

The Trend of Quick Loans Online is on the Rise

Banks are losing favour as online lenders attract the un-banked and under-banked market.

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easy payday installment loans without need for scientific calculations

Cheap Short-Term Loans: An Instructive Guide

Learn the Lingo of Cheap Short-Term Loans

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secured loans online

Ready to Borrow Money: Secured Loans or Unsecured Loans?

The Quick Guide to Secured and Unsecured Loans

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secured and protected short term pay day loans

A Loan Quote is a Failsafe Strategy for Budgeting Better

Get a loan quote before you finance a big-ticket purchase and you’ll be celebrating later!

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pay day loans for those struggling with money management

Plan Your New Year Finance Detox

It might not just be our minds and bodies that need a re-boot or detox in January – what about our finances?

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holiday money loans for merry celebrations

The Smart Cash Christmas

Take a look at our easy, ‘smart cash’ guide to the festive season…

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automated payday loans instant cash online

The Future Of Short Term Loans

The short term loan market is changing. Check out the future!

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cheap short term loans for shopping

Why You Need To Shop Around For Money

Why should we treat getting money any differently to buying anything else?

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quick and easy payday loans near me

Are You Ready to Borrow Money?

etter borrowing habits can help you to achieve financial freedom. Everyone borrows, so make sure that when you borrow money you do it right.

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fast payday loans and savings

Get Cash Instantly with Payday Loans Online

Find out everything you need to know about payday loans online in the UK. Payday loans are short term loans to get you cash fast!

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looking for short term loans uk

The Financial Tech Age and Rapid Rise of Online Loans

Online loans are growing at a rate of knots in the United Kingdom. Find out what inventive techniques online lenders are using.

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interest rate calculator with basic equation functions

Keep Debt at Bay with a Loan Calculator

What factors determine the best loan terms and conditions in the UK loans market? The Fernovo loan calculator is a great resource to get you started.

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compare short term loans from direct lenders

How to Use a Comparison Website to Borrow Money

Using comparison websites to borrow money goes a long way to ensuring you getting the best deal. Here we look at how to get the most out of comparison sites.

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caution in applying short term loans online

What to Look Out for When You're Taking Out a Loan

Never sure what makes a loan stand apart from the rest? Here are 5 helpful points to look at when taking out a loan.

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weekend payday loans for groceries

Why Consumers Don’t Shop Around for Short-Term Loans

People looking for short-term loans are still failing to shop around. Learn how to avoid their mistakes and get the loan deal that’s the best for you.

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honesty tip for instant payday loans

Is the Cap Rate for UK Loans Fair?

Understanding what the cap rate is for loans in the UK doesn’t have to be difficult.

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quick cash loans like magic

Who Really Benefits in the Loans Online Industry?

There has been plenty of bad publicity over the years for many companies offering loans online, but is the criticism still justified?

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cash loans without the hassle and frustration

Explaining The Loan Market Anomaly

The normal rules of supply and demand don’t apply when it comes to the online loan market...

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how cashflow affects the need to borrow money

What is Cashflow, and How Does it Affect Your Need to Borrow Money?

Cashflow is at the centre of any financially responsible individual or business, which is why it's important to understand what it is and how it works.

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how instant payday loans are changing the market

How Instant Payday Loans are Changing the Loan Market for Good

Payday loans are a mainstay in financial services around the world, and right now it's easier than ever to get instant payday loans.

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improving credit rating by staying on top of your loans

How to Improve Your Credit Rating by Staying on Top of Your Loans

We all need a cash loan from time to time when unexpected expenses come up. Don’t let them have a bad impact on your credit rating. Here’s how.

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calculating credit rating to determine if you can borrow money

Calculating Credit Rating and Its Importance in Borrowing Money

Your credit rating directly affects how much money you can borrow, and as such it is important to understand how it's calculated.

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the best ways to get a cash loan in the UK

The 5 Best Ways to Get a Loan in the UK

With so many options to choose from, it's important to know what your best choices for borrowing money are. We help you find the best way to get a loan.

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cheap loans for bigger savings

Zen And The Art Of Saving

Hold it. Breath. Save.

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direct payday lenders yellow van parked in suburbs

New Versus Second Hand; Avoid The Rip Offs

When is a bargain not a bargain?

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get instant loans for travel

Dirt Cheap Amazing Holiday Ideas

How can you have a cheap holiday that won’t cost the Earth?

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direct lenders payday loans to cut spending

Beauty Hacks to Slash Your Beauty Spend

you don't need to splash the cash to get an ace face...

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best payday loans for luxury shopping

Budgeting For Dummies

When it comes to cash it's OK to be a smarty pants

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relax with fast and easy weekend payday loans

20 Ways to Have Fun with a Fiver

Micro budget does not mean micro fun...

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get quick loans to spare savings

How To Live On Half Your Salary

It's really not as hard as it sounds...

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best short term loans for holiday vacations

The 5 Best Ideas to Avoid Holiday Overspending

Danger! Prevent holiday overspending...

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trusted own brand for personal loans uk

Own Brand - Better Than You Thought!

Create your own home brand for essentials and save loads!

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selling, shopping and getting loans online

Life Hacks To Save You £200 Each Month

You could save £200 every month will minimal impact - honest!

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installment loans for big celebrations

Partying Hard On A Thin Wallet

You don’t have to resign yourself to a dull life just because you are trying to live on a budget

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cheap loans for emergency use

Motors, Mobiles & Laptops - What's Your Backup Plan?

Stuff Breaks Down - Our guide to cash planning for motors, mobiles and laptops

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best and fastest payday loans online wins awards

Fit For Less - Workout for Free Outside

Gym memberships are expensive - how can can you keep fit without one?

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