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The Art of Second Hand – Cool Stuff Recycled

Second Hand Doesn’t Mean Second Rate

Saving cash isn’t always easy, especially when it seems that there is always something that needs to be bought or replaced. Of course, cutting out all purchases completely is always going to be the best way to save money, but, we all know that this isn’t always something that you can do. Some people even turn to pay day loans or short-term loans as a way to buy something that they need, whether that is for themselves, their family or their home.

This is where the art of second hand comes into play

Second hand items, whether they be fashion, tech or housewares, are not only great for saving money, but they can be incredibly stylish and useful additions to our lives. But why is second hand such a great idea and how can you become somewhat of a second-hand master?

The problem with a throwaway culture

When it comes to buying something new, if we are trying to save money then we often turn to cheap and cheerful stores that are known for low prices that suit short-term options (Ikea we are looking right at you) whilst we think that there is nothing wrong with catching yourself a Swedish made bargain, what we do think is causing a problem is the development of a throwaway culture.

It seems rare that people form an attachment to objects, to their possessions anymore, particularly when they are low cost and cheaply made. This means that if they are past their best, if they have fallen out of style or have become a bit worn and tired, they are simply tossed into our already over stacked landfills and forgotten about.
Not only can this have a negative impact on the environment, but it is quite a sad state of affairs to be so flippant about items that we have invested in and had as a part of our lives.

Why we love second hand

There are three main reasons why we think that second hand purchases are such a great idea. They save you money, they help the environment and they can even help other people too.

When you buy something second hand, then you will never, ever be paying as much as you would when you buy it brand new. This means that you will not only save yourself some money, which as we know, is important, but you may also get better quality then you otherwise would be able to afford, which will make sure it lasts longer.
Buying second hand also cuts down on waste and less waste means that less things are taken to the landfill, which is great for the environment.

Finally, buying second hand means that you are actually going to be able to help your community, those around you. First of all, being able to sell your things and make money is a great additional source of income for those who may be low income jobs. Also, for those who are short on funds, second hand items can allow them to buy things that they need, without having to spend out too much money.

Where to find the best bargains

Thinking about trying out second hand for yourself? Not sure where to start? There are a variety of places that you can find second hand items. There are online sites that are dedicated to selling second hand items, such as eBay or even places like Gumtree. Here you will find bargains that are local to you, as well as those that are slightly further afield, but that are exactly what you are looking for.

Sell your stuff for cash

The great thing about second hand is that you can not only buy things, but you can also sell things too, making yourself some much-needed cash in the process. One of the best places to go to sell your old stuff is a car boot sale. Car boot sales pop up around the country and are usually held at the weekends. They attract plenty of people and are suited to selling things for families, CD’s, DVD’s, toys and books too. Not sure whether or not there are any car boot sales that are local to you? If this is the case, then you might want to take a look at this website which contains information regarding car boot sales that are planned in your local area.

It is no secret that we love second hand and now you have read through the art of second hand, then perhaps you are going to be ready to give it a go. Look for a bargain or two, rather than relying on pay day loans or short-term loans to make those purchases and we are sure that you will soon see the benefit.

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