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The Thrifty Veggie or Vegan

Sometimes you feel like a change is in order. A lot of different things can trigger it, but the point is that sometimes you have to make a lifestyle change for the better. A lot of people accomplish this by going vegan or vegetarian.

With money savings inbound, converting to a life without animal products can be tempting. There’s quite a bit that you can do as well, which means that there’s plenty of choice for the thrifty vegetarian or vegan to enjoy a selection of foods.

Tried and True?

So there’s a pretty big chance that you’re someone who might have explored being vegan or vegetarian once before. There are a lot of challenges to do at specific points in the year – a month where you don’t eat certain food or drink alcohol.

So a lot of people who convert to not eating meat or animal products are doing it because they have experimented with such a choice in the past and now feel that it’s a good idea for the future. You might also be aware that there are a lot of savings to be had.

Cutting Costs

So let’s just quickly take a look at some of the potential savings that can come from eating food without meat in it. Take, for example, a good curry.

Let’s look at the cost. There isn’t much anyone can do when it comes to the price of the rice and the sauce, because those are about the same. But let’s take a look at one of the main ingredients – what you put into the curry. You would be forgiven if you thought that you could get cheap meat from the local supermarket if you happened to look in the reduced section and maybe make do with a lower quality cut. But you’d be wrong in this instance – even a good chunk of meat for use in a curry will set you back between £2 and £5. It’s not ideal when you’re trying to save money, and for £2 you could get enough vegetables to make enough for four people – sweetcorn, baby potatoes and carrots are a potential option for a curry. It’s all cheaper too.

Rules Recap

So there’s a couple of different rules if you’re someone who is trying to go vegetarian or vegan. To make sure that there are no issues, we’ll cover them here.

It is pretty easy to try and figure out – Vegetarian is strictly no meat, and vegan is no products that came from an animal. This means things like eggs, milk, cheese and gelatine made with beef is also out.

Overall, these are just some of the different benefits which come from having a vegetarian or vegan diet. You’ll feel so much healthier, but at the same time, you’ll also be able to enjoy financial savings. There’s a lot of different things you can substitute your diet with to get the most out of any given situation. It’s healthier, and often nicer than a meat alternative.

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