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Win On Black Friday

Come the 23rd November, the entire world will be on high alert for a spot of bargain shopping. Be that online, or be that on the high street. This day is known as Black Friday and has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon of late. It is true that you can grab yourself some truly amazing bargains, but it is also a time when many people overspend.

In fact, last year it was thought that UK shoppers spent as much as £1.39 billion during the Black Friday sales which is a much higher amount then what was expected to be spent.

Thinking that you might want to take a look at Black Friday this year, then why not take a look at our survival strategy guide? Designed to help make sure that you make the most of this amazing day of sales, rather than crashing out, we have put together the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to Black Friday 2018.

Always set yourself a budget

It can be all too easy to go a little shopping crazy when Black Friday comes around. This means that one of the best things that you can do for yourself, and for your bank balance, is to set yourself a budget. Think about how much money you have, as well as who you need to buy for. Once you have these things in mind, then you will have a rough plan on what you need to buy and how much you have to spend.

Remember that not every price is a deal

It is easy to assume that when something is in Black Friday that it is a great deal. However, the truth is that not every price is actually a deal. Some retailers know how to draw you in and will make you think that you are getting yourself an amazing deal, when in actual fact the price saving that they are displaying you is hugely inflated and is not relatively to how much it would usually cost you. You should always take the time to check the price that is being displayed as a deal, seeing what other websites or retailers are selling it for. One of the simplest ways to do this is to utilise the Google Shopping tool which compares prices from a number of retailers.

Check out the pre or post Black Friday deals

One common mistake that people make is thinking that the deals start and end on Black Friday. Whilst a lot of bargains will be floating around during this time, there are also lots of deals available on the run up to Black Friday, as well as when it has finished too. Many retailers will warm up to the big day by offering a number of reductions and sales designed to catch those eager shoppers, not only this, but some will also have sales and deals that run throughout December in order to appeal to festive shoppers.

Don’t buy things for the sake of it

It is great to get yourself something in the Black Friday sales that are actually going to be useful for you or make a great gift for someone that you need to buy for, but, buying for the sake of buying is never a good path to go down. Think about things before you click buy, even when they are time-critical, if you don’t instantly think about how useful it is going to be, then perhaps it is best not to spend your money on it.

Always check the quality

Whilst there are plenty of Black Friday deals out there for on high-quality products, there are also products that are less than good quality. It is important that you always check the reviews of any brands or names that you don’t instantly recognise, as you could find that they actually are below the usual standard of quality, meaning that you will have wasted money. One of the best places to check user reviews of any products that you are planning to buy is Trustpilot. Here you will find other user reviews on many products, which should help you to understand whether or not they are worthwhile investing in, or whether they will be a complete waste of money.

It seems that Black Friday is here to stay, so, it makes sense that we learn more about how to make the most of it, rather than getting lost in the chaos that sometimes comes along with this shopping frenzy.

Whether it is how it pays to prepare or the importance of checking the prices before you buy, we hope that these top tips can help you to not only survive Black Friday but also ensure that your credit card or bank balance does too.

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