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Zen And The Art Of Saving

So what’s saving money got to do with a zen approach to life I hear you asking? Meditation, chanting and stashing cash away for a rainy day don’t seem the most obvious fellow-travellers.

However, if you are someone who struggles to save, or that finds it a meaningless activity, then perhaps your approach to saving is all wrong. In which case it needs a complete ‘re-boot’ and then what you might find is that a key concept of zen – rigorous self-control – might have plenty to offer…

So how does zen thinking help you save money? Not sure where to start? Well, always here to help, here is our guide to zen and the art of saving.

You should always think of money as being neutral

It may seem that having money is good and not having money is bad, but really money itself is neutral. The meaning behind the money we have is how we earn it and how we spend it. You could have all the money in the world and that wouldn’t be responsible for your happiness, the same as you could have no money and not be miserable. Once you have this in mind, you will soon be able to approach your own spending in a much better, realistic way.

There is so much more to life

For the majority of us, our days are spent working and trying to earn as much money as possible, however that doesn’t mean that this is all there is within our lives. In fact, there is so much more to life than our bank balances. Friends, family or health etc. These are all things that should be as important to you as the cash that you have, and if you can manage to achieve this balance then that is a great place to be.

Try to see if sharing helps

The idea of giving away our money isn’t something that many of us like the sound of. However, sharing can be a great feeling. Now, by this we don’t mean heading out into the street and throwing money at strangers, but instead thinking about ways that you can use the money that you have to give back. Perhaps to the community or to charities. It can be small ways, such as donating to a food bank or if you are short on cash, you could always offer your time instead.

Have a goal

A lot can be said for having some kind of goal to aim for. Particularly if you are saving money. If your mind is focused on achieving the goal, such as a holiday, a new car or perhaps a treat for yourself, then you are much more likely to get there in the end. Human beings always respond well to a good, realistic plan, that with self-control and a little discipline you can achieve. When saving with this mindset its always good to set yourselves landmarks along the way. For example, celebrate a little when you save the first £500 towards your new car with perhaps a little treat, then get back on the programme – it will work! To do this you need to really think about what it is that you want and then aim for it. You never know just how easy you might find it to reach your end vision.

So, there you have it. A few ways that you can take a much more zen like approach to saving and spending. Why not try them out for yourself and see if you find it a little easier to get your savings up and your stress levels down?


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